Derby Comics and Games Ambassador Program!

Thank you for your interest in running organized play (OP) events here Derby Comics and Games! Running events at the store is the most effective way to ensure the games you love can continue to grow and thrive within the Shelbyville community.

We are especially looking for play organizers who already have Credentials to run and report their chosen event(s) such as DCI, Yu-Gi-Oh, Poke Professors, Pathfinder Society, etc. It’s simple to Sign up and to have your events considered for scheduling in one of our play areas. Once you have completed the information below, we will review your information and possibly schedule a meeting with you to discuss the details of the events you wish to run. Click the "Apply Here!" button below, complete the form online and we'll reach back out to you after we've reviewed the application?

Rather fill out the form on paper and return it to the store? CLICK HERE!

If you are approved we can create the specific events you wish to run. Details needed include: what space is required, entries fees, expected time from start to completion, dates and start times, what if any materials are required and calculate an event break-even point.

Any Organizers who run a successful event will receive store credit (points) as compensation for your time and participation. Store credit will be awarded after each event run that surpasses the break even point [equal to 20% of net from the event]. Credits will be added to your member account after the event has been reported and confirmed by the organizing authority if needed.

So join us in spreading the joy of games to the greater community and earn some store credit for playing and running the games you love!