Paint Meetup with Fred!

Greetings and Salutations,

I Just wanted to invite you to join in on our Thursday Night Building and Painting classes held between 5:00 and 7:00 pm each week.

I would like to introduce myself; Just call me Fred or Freddy Spaghetti as Tony calls me. I have been modeling over 42 years. That said, I’ve built everything from scale metal locomotive kits to 1/24th scale model trucks. Started Warhammer 40K and Battle Fleet Gothic way back in 1998! Still haven’t won a single game…. Must be my dice. LOL ! Had to take a 20 year break due to this thing called raising children. So, like some of you this is new to me also. But, the building and painting works in most modeling hobbies. I don’t care if this is the first figure you are doing or the 500th, everyday is a learning day.

Here’s what we are about, have you ever wanted to try building or painting a figure, tank, demon, dragon……. Yes, even a heretic. Please stop in and check us out one Thursday.

Don’t have a figure or paint……. No problem Derby Comics & Games can supply everything you need for your first figure ( at no cost) and we have a fellow willing to help. All we need from you is your time.

We are planning to put together other classes like, decal application, basing, shading and weathering. If you need any help in these areas don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are a seasoned gamer or painter and builder stop in it’s not just for nobs. I could use your help and I hope you can teach me a thing or two as well.

It’s my prayer you will show up for a Great evening of fun with painting and building. I hope to see you soon!!!

Check out some of the amazing figures and miniatures!