Lorcana League and Info!

Come join us every Saturday for the first season of the Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game League at the store!

Derby Comics and Games League Play Rules

Disney Lorcana League Play will consist of casual constructed deck matches (best 2 out of 3) with other league members. This will require your deck to meet the following requirements (also outlined in the rules):

* Your deck must have at least 60 cards in it.

* Your deck can’t contain more than 4 copies of any single card.

* Your deck can only contain cards from 1 or 2 inks.

The league will take place over 12 weeks, and will be divided into 3 Rounds (4 weeks each). At the end of each round and at the end of the season, league prizes will be given out based on points along with raffles for anyone who has participated during the events.

In order to participate, players can register for the league by speaking with the staff during the event along with purchasing a league pass ($5) for the event. A new pass will be required each week players participate in the league to receive points for that week's events. Official points will be recorded and tracked on the league poster at the store. There is no requirement to stay the entire length of the event, show up/leave as your own schedule allows during the event window.

Points will be awarded each week (maximum of 10 per week) based on the following criteria and limits (subject to change):

  • Purchasing League Pass - 1 point (limit once per week)

  • League Participant is 12 or younger - 1 point (limit once per week)

  • Purchasing a booster pack - 1 point (limit once per week)

  • Teach someone how to play or help someone build their deck - 2 points (limit once per week)

  • Learning to play Lorcana - 1 point (limit once per season)

  • Bring someone new to play and register in the League - 1 point (no limit)

  • Wearing Disney themed clothing/accessories or dressing in cosplay - 1 point (limit once per week)

  • Trading cards with others - 1 point (limit once per week)

  • Winning a match - 2 points (no limit)

  • Losing a match - 1 point (no limit)