Derby Comics and Games Events and Activities!

Click each link to learn more about some of our ongoing events at the store! We're always updating our calendar of events and Facebook pages with more news - so check back often for what's going on at the store!

Paint meetup with Fred!

A weekly learn to paint class with a local painting enthusiast of all types of miniatures!

Magic the Gathering Events

Casual Magic the Gathering (MtG) drafts, meetups, and events each week and special release day events when new products arrive at the store!

Lorcana Weekly League

Come join our first season of the new Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game league! Earn points, meet other players, and win prizes for placing and participating in the league!

Tabletop Role Playing Games

From traditional Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, to Monster of the Week and other tabletop game systems, we have a dedicated space to host or setup tabletop gaming events!

X-Wing Miniatures

Meetup with Ben and others to learn and play the Star Wars X-Wing Miniature game! Check our calendar of events for dates and times for meetups!